What Makes a Successful Entrepreneur – John MacGregor, Tom Chenault

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The Rich Dad Channel

February 19, 2024

In this episode, host John McGregor interviews guest, Tom Chenault. Tom shares what it takes to be a successful entrepreneur, emphasizing the importance of maintaining a human touch, putting people first, and seeing beyond their corporate value.

Tom shares his journey from being a restaurateur to becoming one of the most successful entrepreneurs in Network Marketing with a downline of a million people through his unique interpersonal skills. He reveals how he utilizes Nowsite AI and his Contact Mapping tool to keep track of his contacts and maintain fruitful relationships. Tom also speaks about his passion for helping people cope with addiction, leveraging his sobriety journey spanning 35 years.

00:00 Introduction and Welcome
01:48 Introduction of Guest: Tom Chenault
08:28 Tom Chenault’s Approach to Network Marketing
10:05 Tom Chenault’s Advice for Aspiring Entrepreneurs
11:29 Tom Chenault’s Success in Network Marketing
14:40 Tom Chenault’s Views on Mindset and Wealth Creation
21:19 The Journey of 10X-ing Your Life
24:04 The Power of Relationships and Networking
26:20 The Art of Listening and Remembering
30:30 The Role of Structure and Routine in Success
33:25 The Power of Writing Down Your Goals


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