The Truth About Carbon Taxes – Mike Mauceli, Daren Bakst

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The Rich Dad Channel

June 13, 2024

In this episode of ‘The Energy Show with REI Energy,’ host Mike Maucelii discusses the implications of a potential carbon tax with Daren Bakst, the Director of the Competitive Enterprise Institute Center for Energy and Environment. The conversation delves into the Biden administration’s plans for carbon taxation, the PROVE IT Act, and the broader push for green policies. Baxt shares his concerns about the economic impact of these initiatives, including higher costs for consumers and potential blackouts. They also touch on the legislative process, accountability in governance, and the global context of climate policies. Tune in to understand what this could mean for American families and businesses.

00:00 Introduction to the Energy Show
00:21 Understanding Carbon Tax
01:54 Legislation and Carbon Tax
03:35 Impact on Energy and Economy
04:14 Global Perspectives and Comparisons
06:24 Political Implications and Future Outlook
10:45 Challenges and Practical Concerns
21:01 Call to Action and Conclusion


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