The Man Who Saved Grant Cardone’s Life

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Today on Power Players, I am interviewing a man who greatly impacted my life, Charlie Whitman. He is an extremely important person to me.

His team reached out to me and told me that he was recently diagnosed with inoperable lung cancer and that he has 2 months left to live.

He was my accounting teacher in college. Later, he ended up being my landlord, and then after that ,he became my sponsor in a 12-step program when I was getting off of drugs after rehab.

Charlie knew me before I wrote books, before I was a salesperson before I was Grant Cardone…

He knew me when I was at the worst time of my life and watched me recover to become the person I am today.

Speaking to Charlie made me realize that we need to value the people who support us and help us become better human beings. We need to value family and life.

Thank You, Charlie.

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