The Hidden Truths about Cash Apps and Pension Systems – John MacGregor, Ted Siedle

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The Rich Dad Channel

February 26, 2024

In this podcast episode, the host, John McGregor, speaks with financial forensic expert, Ted Siedle revealing deep-seated issues concerning fintech apps and the pension system. They discuss the hidden truth about the operations of cash and fintech apps, highlighting how fintech manipulates their systems and how, for instance, some fintech startups have names that no one can comprehend. The conversation evolves to highlight the problems eroding the public pension system, the primary among which is gross mismanagement of funds. Against a backdrop of secrecy, and exploiting the ignorance of fund board members, Wall Street firms make high-risk investments that leave pensions bankrupt.

00:00 Introduction
02:47 The Dark Side of Fintech: A Deep Dive into Cash Payment Apps
05:04 The Unseen Dangers of Fintech: A Warning for Consumers
07:31 The Regulatory Challenges of Fintech
11:11 The Hindenburg Report: A Wake-Up Call for Fintech
20:09 The Pension System Crisis: A Deep Dive into the World of Public Pensions
23:45 Mismanagement of Pension Funds
25:20 Hidden Fees and Lack of Transparency
29:19 The Impact of Market Crashes on Pensions
36:19 The Role of the PBGC in Pension Failures
38:41 Taking Control of Your Retirement


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