Master Your Negotiations – Tom Wheelwright w/ Chip Massey & Adele Gambardella

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May 17, 2024

The WealthAbility Show #173:

Join Tom Wheelwright as he discovers how to master the art of influencing others and never lose at the negotiation table with guests and authors of “Convince Me: High-Takes Negotiation Tactics to Get Results in Any Business Situation” – Chip Massey and Adele Gambardella.

Former FBI Special Agent Chip Massey has led high-profile criminal cases, investigated the September 11th terrorist attacks, tracked down spies with the CIA, and spearheaded the New York FBI Office’s Crisis Negotiations Teams–in all five boroughs. Today, Chip Massey applies the high-stakes negotiation skills he refined during his 20 + years in federal law enforcement to the business world. As co-founder of The Convincing Company, Chip teaches executives and their teams how to use the bureau’s sophisticated communication and negotiation techniques in professional situations of all kinds.

Honored by the Washington Business Journal as “a woman who means business,” Adele Gambardella owned and managed a Top 20 PR firm in Washington DC for 15 years. In that role, she served as spokesperson for a variety of Fortune 100 companies, ranging from DuPont to Lockheed Martin, to Verizon. As a publicist, Adele landed her clients interviews on Good Morning America, The Today Show and The New York Times. She has served as a PR strategist, corporate counsel, and crisis management consultant for such clients as Facebook, Johnson & Johnson, Samsung, Verizon, and President Joe Biden. Today, as co-founder of The Convincing Company, Adele speaks, consults, and advises companies and associations. Her presentations to the United Nations have been broadcast worldwide.

In this episode, learn how to analyze conversation, how to neurologically sync with others, and how to convince in the long-term.

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00:00 – Introduction
04:12 – What is forensic listening?
10:07 – Conduct a listening session.
13:30 – How to read a room.
18:08 – Targeted validation & authenticity.
23:04 – Convincing in a hostage scenario.
26:00 – Convincing in business.
31:24 – Where to start.

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