Lithium, Copper, and the Global Battle to Power Our Lives – Mike Mauceli, Ernest Scheyder

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The Rich Dad Channel

February 13, 2024

In this episode of the Energy Show with REI Energy, host Mike Mauceli invites Ernest Scheyder, a senior correspondent for Reuters, to discuss the complex issues surrounding the mining and production of critical minerals like lithium, copper, and cobalt, required for electrification. Ernest, who is also the author of the book titled ‘The War Below’, highlights the geopolitical tensions, environmental implications, and economic dynamics that are intertwined with the global drive for a greener future. He emphasizes the notion of a ‘choice’, pointing out the indirect costs and consequences associated with electrification, such as child labor in cobalt mines and long, carbon-intensive supply chains. The conversation also covers the potential of recycling in this industry and the need to rethink antiquated mining laws. Ernest’s book aims not to influence but to bring these complexities to audiences for broader understanding and reflection.

00:00 Introduction to the Global Battle for Critical Minerals
01:41 The War Below: Unveiling the Complexities of Green Energy Transition
02:13 The Intricacies of Critical Minerals Supply Chains
04:32 The Long and Complex Journey of Lithium
05:54 The Environmental Impact of Global Supply Chains
08:08 The Ethical Dilemmas of Cobalt Mining
26:59 The Role of Recycling in the Future of Energy Transition


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