Join Me LIVE With Preston And Lauren Anderson To Talk About INFO-PRODUCTS!

Join me LIVE for an interview with INFO-PRODUCT DUO (and one of our Workshop leaders at Funnel Hacking LIVE) – Preston and Lauren Anderson!

If you want to turn your knowledge and expertise into a package that you can sell and get PAID for, then don’t miss this interview!!

Preston and Lauren Anderson are experts at making AMAZING cookies, and they’ve turned their expertise into a really fun business called Lolly’s Home Kitchen. Together, they create and sell info-products like cookie & icing recipes, Cookie Camps, and classes that have earned them a ‘Two Comma Club’ award!

During the interview, I want to sit down with them and hear more about how they went from ‘we’re good at making cookies’ to having a full-blown info-product business. Preston and Lauren will also share more about what they’ve got planned for you during their “Deep Dive” INFO-PRODUCT Workshop at Funnel Hacking LIVE.

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