How to Optimize Your PPC Landing Pages for SEO

How to optimize your PPC landing pages for SEO. Do you think SEO is its own thing and offers independently from other marketing channels? Think again. Working with different stakeholders in different divisions and aligning your marketing efforts together is the only way to unlock massive amounts of traffic, which means you need to start thinking about how your PPC landing pages can be vastly improved by incorporating SEO into the mix.


Landing pages are absolutely essential in your marketing strategy. Their average conversion rate is 9.7% According to HubSpot. Companies with 31 to 40 landing pages get seven times more leads than those with only one to five landing pages according to HubSpot. There are definitely parts of a landing page that you can’t afford to overlook. Markers see a 4.42% drop in conversions for every second of delayed low time for their landing page.

Another thing that can hurt your conversion rates is including more than one offer. That can decrease your conversion rates by roughly 266%. Gives people analysis process, which one should I choose? But maybe the most important one, you need to optimize your PPC landing page for SEO. Seems funky, right? After all SEO, PPC, one’s organic, one’s paid, but look combining them can actually have some major benefits with the performance of your landing pages.

Now, if you think about it, every page that has index in search needs to be optimized for search. Creating a PPC landing page without considering SEO can mess with your performance in two notable ways. If there’s a PPC version of existing SEO page, the former could definitely jeopardize a performance of the ladder.

Google’s reset helpful content update means that a PPC landing page with low word and minimal content can actually affect the overall performance of your website, even the pages that have been optimized previously For SEO. Long story short, you need to optimize your PPC landing pages for SEO if you want them index, and here’s how you do that.

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