How to Create User-Focused Content That Converts

Bryan Driscoll from Motivated Leads & the Eat Sleep, and Invest Podcast interviews Neil Patel to discuss how to create user-focused content.

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The most important part of SEO is providing the most value to the user. At the end of the day, the sites that have the best content, the best experience, the best product, the best service are the ones that are going to win. For example, you can optimize the site however much you want, but if everyone’s searching for cheap laptop and you’re offering the same laptop, you’re offering the same laptop as me, but you’re at a $1000 and I’m at $500, I’m the one who’s going to eventually rank high because everyone’s like half the cost for the same product. So everyone’s going to be clicking on my listing and buying from me. That’s an example of like, it doesn’t matter how much you optimize, right? It is important, don’t get me wrong, but a good product and service really goes a long way.

Links are super important. Think of links as votes. The more people voting for a president, the more chances are that president wins. They say, the reason I say chances is because it’s also state by state basis where winner takes all in the United States. But generally speaking, for most elections, it is whoever gets the most of votes wins. Same with the internet. Whoever gets the most votes on the internet, a vote being a link. So the more websites that link to yours, the better off you are. But there are some caveats to it. If I was running for presidency and Obama went out on the campaign and said, I’m voting for Neil, you should you know, elect him and then President Bush came out and says, I’m voting for Neil as well, you should go and vote for him. Those are people who are known to be in politics and were presidents. So if they say hey you should vote for Neil, there’s more likely chance that I’m going to, those votes count for more. Even though they apply for one vote, they really sway a lot more people because they’re ex-presidents. So that’s an example of how you want to get a quality link.

In Google Analytics there’s something called first touch and last touch. It’ll actually show you what caused someone to first come to your website and then convert and what cause them to convert or what did they see right before they convert it. So then you can see like some of these informational keywords that are top of the funnel that really help get people into your community and then you can end up going down and then you can see what are the keywords that really drive the majority of the sales. But you need both, right?

I don’t really look at like what new algorithm update they’re going to do. I found that the key is you just do what’s best for the user and you win in the long run. Short run, sometimes you get dinged but long run you typically win. Do not obsess about an algorithm update obsess about the user Because that’s what Google’s doing. So if you obsess about the user you’re focusing on the right thing, not the wrong one.

Create content. If you don’t create good content, you’re not going to rank well. Be patient. You know like even if you do SEO, whether you do it yourself or hire someone or doesn’t matter, don’t expect the world within three to six months. You got to be patient, you got to be consistent, you got to do it for years and you’ll really crush it. But you got to be patient.

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