How Artificial Intelligence and ChatGPT are Transforming Business – John MacGregor, Adrian Chenault

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The Rich Dad Channel

February 5, 2024

Host John MacGregor and Adrian Chenault dive into the power of artificial intelligence (AI) and how it can help entrepreneurs build a brand, grow their social media following, streamline their business, and potentially increase their profits significantly.

Adrian Chenault, the vice president of business development at NowSite, a company that provides AI marketing solutions for entrepreneurs, emphasizes how artificial intelligence has changed various industries and highlights its potential to create innovative solutions.

They also touch on the ethical implications of AI use and how entrepreneurs need to adapt to these technological advancements or risk being left behind.

00:00 Introduction and Welcome
01:59 Introduction to Guest: Adrian Chenault
05:29 The Macro Picture on artificial intelligence and Chat GPT
07:22 The Impact of AI on Various Industries
13:47 How AI Can Benefit Entrepreneurs
14:43 Real-Life Applications of AI in Business
26:33 The Future of AI


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