Grant Cardone confronts the media including real deal, Inman, Republic, Huffington Post, Podcasters, l Youtubers, and lawyer ambulance chasers & even religious bigots that accused him prematurely a fraud, misrepresentation, scam, being a con artist, and worse. All of which now has been proven to be false as the California courts have dismissed with prejudice and dismiss without amends ALL CLAIMS against Grant Cardone. & Cardone Capital.

Cardone says, “our system is much to litigious, but even worse is news mags, outlets, podcasters & YouTuber content creators are allowed to defame, destroy, and damage the reputation and a persons’ business without regard of the truth.

These people, for too long, hide behind words, like “opinion”, “allegations” and their most common little trick is to simply requote what some other garbage Magazine, or fake news printed.

Cardone suggest that he will be filing lawsuits against all magazine, podcaster, YouTubers, writers, & news outlets that attempted to defame him, damage his business or sensationalize his name in order to get readers and sell ads.

All mags that made attempts to troll his name in order to add followers, get readers, comments or ad pennies from google, Facebook & advertiser in the attempt to sell ads or build an audience will be sued for defamation unless they correct their story and pull down all previous post.

I will be reaching out to all mags who are guilty for an interview to give them a fair chance to correct the story and their position.

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