Energy Price Predictions: Trends and Forecasts for 2024 and Beyond – Mike Mauceli, David Blackmon

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The Rich Dad Channel

February 20, 2024

Mike Mauceli, host of the Energy Show with REI Energy, discusses energy projections into 2024 with veteran energy industry analyst, David Blackmon. The conversation explores the growth projections for oil and gas, the existing political tensions in the energy sector, and the current administration’s approach to fossil fuels. It also covers the demand for oil and gas, the challenges faced by OPEC, and the global control over oil prices. Furthermore, the conversation dissects the controversial approach towards renewable energy — specifically, wind and solar energy — and the potential resurgence of nuclear energy for a more sustainable future. Stay until the end for predictions for energy prices.

00:00 Introduction
01:45 Insights on Increased Demand for Oil and Gas
03:39 Understanding the Role of OPEC in Oil Pricing
09:19 Exploring the LNG Market and Its Future
13:41 Discussion on the State of the Refining Industry
19:32 The Role of Wind and Solar Energy in the Power Grid
24:24 The Potential of Nuclear Energy
27:29 Impact of Energy Efficiency Standards on Consumers


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