Could U.S. Pensions Be the Next Crash? – Robert Kiyosaki, Ted Siedle

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The Rich Dad Channel

October 26, 2022

At the center of the disaster surrounding the U.K. pension plans in recent weeks were funds using derivatives to protect themselves from potential swings in interest rates. In an attempt to solve funding gaps in U.K. pension plans in the past, these plans used hedging tactics which created a short-term liquidity crunch and mark-to-market losses of as much as $169 billion. Today’s guest explains how pensions around the world are vulnerable to collapse due to being underfunded and mismanaged. 

Ted Siedle, Co-Author of the book “Who Stole My Pension” says, “Around the world, there are millions of workers counting on pensions set up by corporations or governments to provide for their retirement security.” These workers expect that the pension will be there when they retire. Unfortunately, most of these pensions are severely underfunded. 

Host Robert Kiyosaki and guest Ted Siedle discuss the collapse of English pensions, the outlook of the U.S. pension system, and how you can protect yourself if your retirement relies on one of these pensions. 

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