Attract Innovation with Spinout Culture – Tom Wheelwright & André Laplume

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June 21, 2024

In this episode, learn how to manage spinout from the employer’s side, how you can best bring out innovation within your team, and how to make appropriate decisions amidst spinout culture.

Join Tom Wheelwright as he discovers how we can create a culture that invites and encourages innovation within our small business with his guest, André Laplume. Dr. André Laplume, co-author of SPINOUT VENTURES, is a full professor of entrepreneurship and strategy at the Ted Rogers School of Management, part of Toronto Metropolitan University.

Laplume researches the intersections where new entrants and incumbent firms meet to break down the barriers facing entrepreneurs while helping managers deal with entrepreneurial ambitions in their organizations. His research has appeared in top journals like Human Relations, Journal of International Business Studies, and Journal of Business Research, among others. He received his PhD in Management from the University of Manitoba in Winnipeg and spent seven years at Michigan Tech, teaching in its MBA program. Earlier, Laplume was a business and information technology consultant, helping clients integrate businesses and automate units. He is a frequent judge at entrepreneurship pitch competitions and an experienced entrepreneur, having launched a startup while in Michigan.

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00:00 – Intro.
03:20 – What is “Spinout”?
07:08 – The Power of Strategic Alignment for Innovations.
11:45 – How to Make Spinouts Positive.
15:27 – Empowering Innovation.
19:05 – Cooperating vs. Competing.
21:11 – Upsides to Spinouts (Relationships, Steps for Business Owners, etc.) 24:13 – Spinout vs. Startup.
31:18 – To Keep or Not to Keep?
33:51 – First Steps to Take.

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